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Platinum Pickleball

AMASPORT Fusion & Immersion Pickleball Paddle - Carbon Fiber Composite

AMASPORT Fusion & Immersion Pickleball Paddle - Carbon Fiber Composite

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You won't find a better paddle at this price.

The AMASPORT Fusion and Immersion Pickleball Paddles are incredible. They give you enough power, control, and spin to make you feel like a professional. Are you ready for a better playing experience at half the price of your competitors? Then these are the perfect paddles for you, regardless of your skill. Prepare to take your abilities to the next level.


These paddles' 20mm thick graphite core forces you to play better. Not only does it absorb impact from the ball, but it also reduces vibration. Not to mention your shot deflection will be more accurate. Your wrists will thank you too. A wider, thicker paddle means more forgiveness and less fatigue. All this put together means more control, more consistency, and more confidence.


They have an air-dynamic throat to give you strong swing speed. The surface is 3K friction carbon fiber texture and has an edgeless design for a super sleek look. The wider surface combined with the surface texture and air-dynamics give you power. The best part is that accuracy isn't sacrificed for power.


These paddles are ready to perform and are USAPA Approved. They can endure your most powerful shots and the test of time. You'll improve your blocks, your volleys, your shots, and your entire game.

With this paddle, you can have it all. And the best part is that it's half the price of your competitors. Don't wait to take your pickleball game to the next level- get your paddle now.

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Everything great!! The product is as described. It looks pretty good quality. It has arrived in record time, I bought it on June 22 and it has arrived on June 28 when it said that the estimated delivery was July 6, so phenomenal.